We asked Overbrook parents from prekindergarten and kindergarten to tell us about their experience. This is what they had to say:

"We were extremely impressed with some of the unique and creative ways in which they taught subjects such as arithmetic and reading; the teachers and assistants are experts at their jobs and always a pleasure to partner with, in the education of our children.

While the academic rigor and excellence is very important (and greatly appreciated!), we were even more impressed with the way in which the faculty and staff surrounded the children in an environment in which they can openly wonder at God’s creation, understand the great love that God has for us, and most importantly learn what it means to be a child of God. The children not only learn the fundamentals of the subjects they’re taught, but they also learn how to live out their faith in a very integrated and natural way on a daily basis. "

- Christa Burbage

"My daughter was thrilled to go to school and loved her kind and enthusiastic teacher. It was a wonderfully creative environment and I was amazed at her progress academically, socially and spiritually. Truly a blessed year! "

- Aimee Perri

"My daughters kindergarten experience was beyond my expectations! My daughter can sound out and read, and wants to read more and more! She learned math and science and religion was her favorite. I was overwhelmed with all she accomplished and so excited for her. The teachers were amazing and great to work with all the time."

- Wendy Hunt

"My daughter had a wonderful year in kindergarten – she grew so much physically, academically, socially, and spiritually. One of the things I was most impressed by this year was the ability of her teachers. From the creative way they taught her to remember things like adding doubles to the way she came home every night excited and energized to read, I was continually amazed by all of the unique ideas they use to educate and encourage our young children. It was a terrific school year and I know my daughter was given an excellent springboard to start her academic career. Thank you, Overbrook!"

- Nikki Crosslin

"We've been at Overbrook for two years now (pre-k and kindergarten) and from day one I knew it was a special place. But something happened this year that made me recognize just how incredible this place was. We were attending end-of-year awards and throughout the whole ceremony I kept thinking, 'Wow these children as such achievers! So successful at such a young age!' Indeed it felt great to be in an environment that fostered, and celebrated, such growth, but thats not what gave me chills that day. After listing all these wonderful accomplishment, and celebrating all these incredible young people, Sister stood up and explained the most important, most cherished award had not been given yet. She went on to explain that above all the studies and practice, above all the regional and national accomplishments, one award triumphs all others. The most important and celebrated award at Overbrook is based on one simple principle. This principle is ingrained in every teacher, every leader, every caregiver and then carefully, lovingly molded into each student. The award is given when that student demonstrates the embodiment of this principle. It is the "Kind and Christ-like Award".
Imagine a world based on this principle. Overbrook is making that a reality. It's an incredibly special place indeed."

-Dana Nappi

"My favorite memory is Rebecca using her 'challenge word of the day,' properly, on our ride home each day. Like the day she said she had a dilemma. Her dilemma was choosing between sorbet or gelato from her favorite shops. What I cherish most is Rebecca asking to say the Rosary at bedtime."
- Maria Acevedo


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