Alumnae Memorials

Honoring the memory of alumnae and their family members who have recently passed away.

John B. Arlt, father of Cathey Arlt Mitchell, '70

Bennie Wells Shaw Batson, grandmother of Mary Ellen Smith, '04.

Kathleen Cleary Batts, '75 and sister of Anne Marie Cleary-Russell, '73.

Linda Warner Batts, '71, sister of Kathy Warner Smith, '69

Dr. Jerold P. (Jerry) Bauch, grandfather of Olivia Glascoe, '12.

William A. Becker, father of Beverly Becker Upchurch, '69, and Mary Pat Becker Baltz, '71. Grandfather of Kimberly Baltz Cooper, '92 and Amy Baltz, '95.

Donna Bickford, daughter of Mary Jo Clark Bickford '52

Patricia "Pat" Bogard, grandmother of Sydney Bogard, '15 and Paige Bogard, '18.

James Bogard, grandfather of Syndey Bogard, '15 and Paige Bogard, '18

Michael "Mickey" Booth, son of Alice Manz Booth (deceased), '48

Maryanne Boillin Cain, grandmother of Karen Chaffin '07

Martha A. Campbell, grandmother of Abby Link, '13, Becca Link, '17, and Cally Link, '19

Billy Carter, father of Elise Carter '18

Daniel Francis Catignani, son of Barbara Britton Catignani (deceased), '43 and nephew of Sister Robert Ann Britton (deceased), '46

Goodloe Summers Chaffin, Sr., grandfather of Karen Chaffin, '07

John Garland Chiles, Jr. father of Kate Chiles McGlasson, '82.

Most Reverend David R. Choby, son of Rita Burns Choby, '38

Raymond Lee Clark, father of Michelle Clark, '78

Dr. Robert Cochran, Jr., grandfather of Lindsey Cochran, '06

David Wiley Cook, brother of Mary Farris Cook Martin (deceased), 77

Margaret "Maggie" Deal Cronic, '69 and sister of Jagir Deol Grant, '77.

Ray E. Cruze, grandfather of Ginny Patton Laird, '99

John "Jack" DiVittorio, father of Mary DiVittorio, '75

Dr. Davis Drinkwater, Jr. father of Olivia Drinkwater, '11

Paula Fay Duvall, grandmother of Olivia Grytza, '20

Catherine "Cathie" Fox, mother of Kathy Fox Whitney, '82, Ann Fox Canon, '84, Joan Fox, '86, Beth Fox, '92. Grandmother of Anna Whitney, '13, Erin Whitney, '16 and Meghan Whitney, '18

Katherine Gilmore Frensley, grandmother of Katherine Frensley, '16 and Eliza Frensley, '16.

Dr. Richard M. Gannaway, grandfather of Emily Green, '08.

William O. Geny, brother of Ellen Geny Smogur, '67 and Gail Geny Edwards, '72

Sister Helen Marie Glaser, O.P. '76, daughter of Helen Hunley Glaser Yates, '56. Sister of Leigh Glaser-Wolfson, '79, Christy Glaser, '81, and Edie Glaser, '85. Granddaughter of Mary Strobel Glaser (deceased), '12

Gerald F. Goertz, father of Cindy Goertz Clinton, '76

John T. Griggs, Sr. father of Joan Griggs Gehring, '81.

Billy D. Grover, father of Lynn Grover Ritchie, '82.

Frank Scott Harris, father of Elizabeth Harris Ouren, '84, and Frances Harris Tacy, '88,

Saralu Fondren "Mickey" Harrison, mother of Julia Harrison, '76.

Clifford J. Harrison, Jr. father of Julia Harrison, '76

James L. Herbers, husband of Amy Nolan Herbers, '85

Tom Herbert, father of Holly Herbert Healy '86

Geraldine "Gedy" Crawford Higgins, '56, mother of Katherine Higgins DeLay, '80, daughter of Geraldine Gallagher Crawford (deceased), 1929, granddaughter of Katherine Kean Gallagher, 1894, sister of Kathy Crawford Darnell, '73, grandmother of Caroline Higgins, '18.

Daniel R. Hiller, Sr., husband of Margaret "Peggy" Kelly Hiller, '61, father of Melissa Hiller Hannah, '94 and grandfather of Megan Hiller Jenkins, '05.

Mary Elenore Kittrell Hobbs, mother of Missy Hobbs Ciccolella, '93.

Rose Otto Thoni Hornberger, sister of Carmen Otto Morrissey, '57.

William Francis "Bill" Hosey, brother of Barbara Hosey Joern (deceased), '55.

Mia Liles Hudgens, mother of Mia Liles Hudgens, '00

Bernadine Cheek Hughes, '53

Shirley Heist (Morgan) Humphrey, mother of Diane Morgan Garrett, '69, Donna "Cissie" Morgan Hughes, '71 and Dawn Morgan Bagby, with the class of '76

Robert P. Johnson, grandfather of Elizabeth Mizell, '05 and Frances Fitzgerald, '15

Mariann Kaster, grandmother of Austin DeMoss, '06

Kenneth T. Keller, grand father of Erin Keller, '13 and Maddie Keller, '15.

Eleanor Clark Kelley, mother of Phoebe Kelley Kruger, '75 and Jessie Kelley Durham, '80

Philip Kerrigan, III brother of Betty Kerrigan Hailey, '62 and Anne Kerrigan Robinson, '66.

Nuhad Khayatt, grandmother of Talah Allos, '19

Rosemary Delisi Knish mother of Mary Elizabeth Knish Burns '86

Edward J. Knish, Sr., father of Mary Liz Knish Burns, '86.

John M. Kurtz, father of Mary Kurtz Bream, '81

Raleigh Franklin Lane, Jr. father of Elizabeth Lane McAlister, '86 and Kathryn Lane Berschback, '88

David Lassiter, father of Lauren Lassiter Hilbers, '04 and Ashley Lassiter, '06

Mother Mary Gabriel Long, S.s.E.W. '45, sister of Anna Mae Long Coleman, '39, Martha Nell Long Bryant, 49 and Mother Assumpta Long, O.P. '50

Vonnie Luton, grandmother of Merrie Luton, '15

John J. Madden, father of Monice Madden Hostettler, '77, Monica Madden Caton, '78, Mischelle Madden Hopfinger, '79, grandfather of Kristin Hostettler, '04

Albert S. Malone, Sr. husband of Dorothy "Dot" Henry Malone '51, father of Judy Malone Stroud '74, grandfather of Jessika Malone '02, brother of Mary Lee Malone Sheridan (deceased) '46 and Lydia Malone Furlough (deceased) '52

Dorothy Henry Malone '51, mother of Judy Malone Stroud, '74, grandmother of Jessika Malone, '02.

Esther Mayden, grandmother of Samantha Mayden, '09

Peggy Himmelberg McAleer, sister of Mary Himmelberg Price, '71 and Patti Himmelberg, '72

Sidney S. McAlister, father of Cayce McAlister, '75. Father-in-law of Elizabeth Lane McAlister, '86.

Mildred H. McDonald, mother of Ellen McDonald Yandell, '80.

Cecilia Victoria McFarland, sister of Ann McFarland Smith, '48.

Valere Potter Menefee, mother of Ruth Valere Menefee Adar, '73, Marianne Menefee Byrd, '74, Eleanor Menefee Parkes, '78. Grandmother of Ashley Parkes, '07, Marissa Parkes, '08, Genny Parkes, '13.

Dori J. Mikus, mother of Jenna Mikus Doughtery, '97

Betty Ruth Miller, mother of Ellen Miller Tanner '76

Richard M. Miller, Sr. father of Ellen Miller Tanner, '76, Claire Miller Robbins, '77, father-in-law of Claire Templeton Miller, '75.

Hunter P. Mitchell, USMC, son of Cathey Arlt Mitchell '70

Andrew H. Mizell, III, grandfather of Elizabeth Mizell, '05

Grace Morales, mother of Corinne Morales Moore, '68, and Stephane Morales, '85.

Michael Morel, Sr, husband of Marilyn Morrissey Morel, '72.

Carmen Otto Morrissey, '57,mother of Katy Morrissey, '86. Sister of Lillian Otto Harris, '39 (deceased) and Rose Otto Thoni, '49 (deceased).

Floyd A. Mottola, brother of Marguerite Mottola Darrohn '72 and Anna Mottola Dale '82.

Gwythalynne Webb Mueller, grandmother of Katie Crankshaw Torbus '99

John Neuenschwander, father of Rebecca Jane Neuenschwander Cleek, '12

Agnes Eckhardt Nixon '40

Francis "Chip" Nolan, III, grandson of Marie Rose Sullivan, '48

Robert D. Norling, father of Karen Norling Manso '74

John Omohundro, III son of Frances Nelson Omohundro, '34.

Janelle Owens, grandmother of Lilly Rice Hearn '06

Mattie Halliburton Parham, mother of Debbie Parham Clayton, '74

Shirley Caldwell-Patterson, mother of Sheppard Patterson Speer, '64

Ann Peffen, mother of Kathy Peffen Burkhalter, ' 70, Peggy Peffen Daniel, '73, Mary Ruth Peffen Geny, 77. Grandmother of Laura Daniel Wildman, '03, Jennifer Geny, '05, and Elizabeth Geny, '08.

Alberta Badacour Perry, '37

Eunice Pickney, grandmother of Brette Bostelman, '18

Winifred Clark Piot, mother of Michelene Piot McKinney, '69, Nicolette "Nicki" Piot Stephens, '72, Nanette "Nan" Piot Andrews, '74, Cecile Piot Gideon, '78

Willie Ray Hobson Pittman, mother of Raquel "Rocky" Pittman, '86, Karen Pittman, '88, Kristianna Pittman Fredenburg, '89, Anita Pittman, '01 and Noel Pittman, '01

Clinton H. Price, son of Mary Himmelberg Price, '71.

Richard Thomas Resha, Sr., brother of Sueann Resha Martina, '51

Zenaida Morales Ricafort, mother of Rachel Ricafort, '84 and Christine Ricafort Bertani, '87

Patricia Roberts, grandmother of Eugenie Cheij Chaney, '07, Gabriella Cheij, '10, and Virginia Cheij, '17.

Margaret Brugh Reynolds Roberts, mother of Susy Reynolds Thombs, '59 and grandmother of Susan Thombs Starr, '82

Alice Morrill Roehl, grandmother of Caroline Lewis, '15.

Robert Franklin Sasser, Jr. father of Sarah Sasser Blare, ' 98.

Edward Schoenberger, Jr. grandparent of Tina Nacarato Eisner, '04

Barbara Shane Scott, mother of Teresa Scott, '77.

Joe Shilis, grandfather of Sara LaHaie, '11.

Dr. Harold P. Smith, father of Stephanie Smith Shafer, '90

Dorothy Wolf Solgot, '56

William Matthew Spurlock, son of Mary Lou Kaiser Spurlock, '67 and brother of Valerie Spurlock Cox, '93

Noleen A. Sullivan, sister of Lorease Sharble Stangline, '46

Charles E. Tant, Jr. grandfather of Jennifer Tant Ward, '98

Edward S. Temple, father of Edwina Temple, '74

Susanne "Susy" Reynolds Thombs '59

Annette Irwin Tidman, mother of Rebecca Tidman, '84 and grandmother of Katie Kaiser, '21.

James E. Tohill, grandfather of Christy Sharp Lembo, '92

Donald Vaught, grandfather of Anna Bowman, '18.

Georgia Prenzel Wallace, grandmother of Jessica Donnelly Gorham, '03.

Mitchum E. Warren, Jr. father-in-law of Monica Burns Warren, '83 and grandfather of Emily Warren, '13

Mary Wege, mother of Bette Lou Wege Baker, '71.

Lila McDowell Wendell, grandmother of Rachel Wendell Suitt, '05.

Sue Stamper Whitson, mother of Cindy Whitson Russell, '72

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