Overbrook aims to graduate students who are organized, thoughtful and expressive young citizens of the world who have completed a rigorous course load along with many extra-curricular activities.

A profile: The Overbrook Eighth-grader

A student formed in the Dominican tradition at Overbrook School:

- Is taught the primacy of knowing and loving God as his Father, Jesus Christ as his Savior, the Holy Spirit as his Advocate, and the Church as the Body of Christ on earth
- Understands the primacy of grace in striving to live a life of prayer and virtue
- Knows, understands and strives to practice the basic virtues of faith, hope, charity, justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude
- Synthesizes information between disciplines to form a body of knowledge as a whole
- Can communicate effectively through the written and spoken word
- Can read and comprehend the written word at a 10th grade reading level or above
- Can reason and form judgments that are logical and true
- Is formed in conscience to identify what is right or wrong according to both the natural and supernatural law
- Understands and practices healthy living habits
- Develops skills and talents in both the fine arts and utilitarian arts
- Can problem-solve and is resourceful
- Has mastered a basic body of knowledge in every subject area (math, science, grammar, reading, writing, social studies, geography, etc.) that will serve as a solid foundation upon which to gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of these subjects
- Enjoys learning and understands that a true education has its end in wisdom

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