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Emily Wilson--Beauty From Within
Posted 03/06/2018 11:41AM

Emily Wilson--Beauty From Within

By: Bug Beat journalists, Kate Montana '19 and Anna Perrone '19

St. Cecilia girls came away from the all-school retreat on February 28 inspired and encouraged by this year's featured retreat speaker, Emily Wilson. Emily Wilson is a Catholic author, speaker and artist who travels around the U.S. and the world, proclaiming her faith through worship ministry. Emily found her calling as a musician when she was very young, and since then her faith has only grown. She attended an all-girls Catholic high school in Los Angeles, one similar to St. Cecilia, and from there went on to Arizona State University. After earning her degree in broadcast journalism, she toyed with the idea of working for ESPN until she felt the call to utilize her talents spreading the Word of God in ministry specifically to young men and women. When asked why she went into speaking and music ministry, Emily replied, "Leadership is a gift that God gave me, that the Lord instilled within me. It is always a grace to be in a moment with Him and help others encounter Him."

When Emily Wilson came to St. Cecilia on February 28 for the All School Retreat Day, she shared her music and her personal faith story. In her talk she highlighted four things that all St.Cecilia girls should know about themselves: all of them are loved, worthy, blessed, and beautiful. When asked what she thought about the St. Cecilia retreat Day, Emily answered, "The Saint Cecilia faith life is unprecedented compared to what I have seen at other Catholic schools. The message of life and love and beauty and goodness was spread throughout the day in the most beautiful way." In addition to her talk at the All School Retreat, Emily offered another talk in the evening specifically for mothers and daughters called "God's Perfect Timing," where she discussed the beauty of women and guided mothers and daughters to see that beauty in each other.

Emily deeply impacted the overall faith of many girls in the school. In addition to speaking at youth and women's events, she has written two great books for all ages. Her first one, entitled I Choose the Sky, is a spiritual devotion for young women to live lives of faith. Her second and most recent book is called Go Bravely and is about teaching women to be who God created them to be. This book will not officially go on sale until after Easter, but can be pre-ordered it by going to, and using the Promo code EMILY18.

Emily was a beautiful and inspiring speaker, and St.Cecilia students loved having her with us.

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