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Scarab Nation Athlete of the Week: Macy Kosinski
Posted 08/31/2018 03:16PM

Scarab Nation Athlete of the Week: Macy Kosinski

Macy Kosinski is the Scarab Nation Athlete of the Week. Macy is a sophomore and starting outside hitter on the JV Volleyball team. When asked about Macy, Coach Galassini said, "Macy is an integral part of the team. She is an outside hitter, but plays all the way around. She is aggressive and attacks the ball from all angles on the court. Macy's positive attitude and determination are contagious and one of the multiple reasons she is an important leader on the team." We sat down with Macy to find out what makes her such a special player.

Question: How long have you been playing this sport?

Answer: Since 5th grade.

Question: What do you love most about this sport?

Answer: I love the quick pace. You really have to be on your toes and ready at all times.

Question: Who is your biggest rival?

Answer: Father Ryan

Question: Do you have any pregame rituals or traditions?

Answer: Nope.

Question: Do you have plans to compete collegiately?

Answer: I would love to.

Question: How close are you all as a team?

Answer: Very close! It started with a team sleepover to begin the season and we have been growing closer every day.

Question: What are your goals for this season?

Answer: To continue to push each other to be better every day and, of course, to win!

Question: What do you attribute your success to?

Answer: I have a very supportive family and team. Plus a lot of practice.

Question: What is your favorite TV show?

Answer: The Arrow

Question: What is the top song on your playlist right now?

Answer: Get Along by Kenny Chesney

Question: What is your favorite snack food?

Answer: Cheetos

Question: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

Answer: Luke Brian or Kenny Chesney

Question: What do you love most about being a Scarab?

Answer: I love how I am able to very involved here and everybody is so supportive.

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