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SCA Alumna Ellie Walsh '08 to Compete on Jeopardy!
Posted 05/08/2019 06:00PM

In just 2 short days, Ellie Walsh '08 will join the rest of the world in watching her own television debut on the game show, Jeopardy! Ellie was selected as one of 15 of teachers across the country to participate in Jeopardy's special Teacher Week. St. Cecilia had the chance to speak with Ellie about her path to becoming a game-show contestant and learned more about her along the way.

Ellie, a current history teacher at John Paul II High School, was selected for an in-person audition after taking the Jeopardy online test in January 2018. At her audition later that year in Memphis, Ellie participated in an additional written test as well as a mock game show with buzzers. She received a call in February 2019 that she had advanced to become a contestant on the teacher's tournament, which was set to film in early April. During her four day stay in Los Angeles, Ellie said that her favorite part of the experience was getting to know the other teacher contestants from all over the country as together they were sequestered for the filming of the show. One of her favorite memories was playing trivia with everyone during their last night together.

When asked if Ellie would do it all again, she said, "I'm really grateful to have had the opportunity to play Jeopardy in person and interact with Alex Trebek, truly an expert game show host! It was a once-in- a-lifetime experience."

Although we at SCA tried to persuade Ellie to reveal how well she performed on the show, she is sworn to secrecy, but she did admit that playing along at home is quite different from being on the show. She also mentioned that even though she spent several weeks this spring preparing for her TV debut, the most exciting thing in her life right now is planning for her wedding on June 1.

Sister Miriam, who taught Ellie at St. Cecilia Academy had this to say, "When I ran into Ellie Walsh at the Alumnae Luncheon last month, I noticed that she had not changed much from her days at SCA. When I taught her, she was a captivating student, fully engaged in her studies as well as in extracurricular activities (especially theatre). She is still enthusiastic and outgoing and involved in many activities, trying out for Jeopardy a few months before getting married and less than a year after hiking the Camino! Her years in college at William and Mary were likewise filled with lively activities (as a member of an a capella singing group and a volunteer with special needs kids, among others) and a strong commitment to academics. We are proud of all that Ellie has accomplished and the way she represents SCA in her vibrant approach to life."

We wish Ellie all the best and encourage the SCA community to tune in on Friday, May 10th to see her compete on Jeopardy!

Watch the Trailer!

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